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Individual, Marriage & Family Counseling

I have a down-to-earth, Motivational Counseling and Coaching style which is more of an Educational Coaching approach, where together we explore different solutions and set goals to overcome troubling issues. I am very concerned about your immediate needs & comfort and your desire to feel better quickly and Holistically (addressing mind-body-soul).

Together we will create immediate & long-term strategies for wellness that will help you reach your individual personal goals; or that for your marriage, relationship or family. I use motivational Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-centered, Solution-focused & Psycho-educational exploration along with Life and Relationship coaching in my counseling approach for each individual situation.

I help ages 5 – 85 resolve immediate issues and to learn personal development leading to fulfillment & high personal achievement. My services are designed to help people resolve immediate issues and to further a process of personal esteem and confidence, which can lead to a state of fulfillment and high personal achievement.

Counseling sessions are conducted within my Florida office, The address is:
Therapy by the Sea, LLC, 15300 Jog Road, Suite 109, Delray Beach, FL, 33446.

Office Phone: (561) 701-8277;  Cell: (201) 281-7887.

I am a World-wide Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach and can see clients in Delray Beach for this service in person, and world-wide through SKYPE (coachrianamilne) and can Coach by phone (US clients only). Please see the Coaching section for details on these programs. 

Please contact me by phone, or email four Counseling (TherapybytheSea@gmail.com) should you be interested in counseling services and for using Insurance for this service.

Thank you for your presence and gifts of trust; as together, we create amazing change for your life!

With deep Respect and Gratitude, Riana


A Personal, Private & Holistic Counseling & Coaching Experience

DSCN3154Let Riana Milne take you on a Holistic Therapeutic Journey to explore the depths of your soul. Life’s choices and their outcomes, personal concerns and questions can be examined in this very motivational and inspirational website where Counseling is an educational and spiritual experience! Learn about the services offered to individuals, couples, teens and parents.

Relationship & Therapeutic Life Skills Coaching as well as Career Consultation are also available from Riana, including for those wishing to explore the Creative Arts Careers in Entertainment, Acting, and/or the Modeling industries.

Mission Statement

Life is a wonderful gift, and it is up to each individual to discover his or her own personal gifts and potential that they can bestow upon one another and the world. It is necessary to explore our Ocean-full of opportunities and make the right choices to become what we dream to be.

With the nurturing of the Inner child, becoming mindful of one’s choices, and developing a sense of emotional & spiritual peace, along with the motivational and positive experience of counseling, coaching, consultation, guidance, and psycho-educational exploration, our dreams and goals for our life can come true!

My counseling technique is Eclectic – I am an active, Solution-focused, Motivational, and Person-centered Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I believe every human being is unique and deserves an individual, fresh perspective to their overall health. I promote Holistic Healing that involves the mind, body and soul; and together, my Client & I explore the many avenues to their optimum health and wellness. Counseling is best done in my private, therapy office in Delray Beach, FL. (Click on Contact Info at the bottom of this web site to get map and driving directions).

Should you feel you do not need Psychotherapy or Counseling, I do offer Life & Relationship Coaching for Singles and Couples, for business and career goals, and for those wanting to reach new goals in their various life spheres. Coaching can be done either in my office, or by Web Cam using SKYPE, phone or email sessions. Sessions are 45 minutes long, and involve using exercise sheets for your future growth and exploration of various concerns and concepts to live a life you dream of. Be sure to download my FREE App, My Relationship Coach, to have access to schedule and pay for your appointment, get free articles, listen to pod casts and much, more!

Whether you choose coaching or counseling, my motivational, holistic approaches are unique and individualized for each person I have the pleasure of working with. I certainly hope I can be of assistance in your time of need.

Counseling Approach

The counseling approach Riana uses is eclectic-focusing on Motivational, Existential, Reality, Person-Centered, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies. She believes each individual and his or her situation is unique, and merits a distinctive counseling approach depending on the particular circumstances. In general, Riana uses motivational and spiritual psychotherapy counseling techniques along with the coaching of new life and relationship skills, a higher sense of self esteem, and whenever possible, she encourages the use of biblio-therapy and the creative arts for personal growth.

For Relationship Coaching for Singles & Couples, clients do specific tested exercises from Relationship Coaching Institute and other sources to help attract & create happy, healthy and more loving, conscious relationships in all areas of your life. Coaching can be done from any place around the world. Be sure to download Riana’s App, My Relationship Coach, to book your appointment time, pay on the app, get Free articles and to become a free member.

seedling-56For Addictions Counseling, Riana respects the 12-step philosophies, which are encouraged along with newer age spiritually and holistically-based, cognitive-behavioral and motivational talk therapies for health, growth and healing. Coaching is also excellent to take you from where you are now (in recovery) and propel you forward to reach new goals and dreams!

Career Consultation explores your individual talents, hobbies, needs, and personality traits to help determine your most enjoyable career direction.


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