Couples Coaching

Are you questioning whether to leave your relationship? As a Certified Life, Dating and Couples Coach, I specialize in helping couples with troubled relationships correct toxic and unhealthy patterns of behavior. With my proven coaching methods, I will help you reestablish an emotionally healthy, loving, safe, evolved and passionate relationship. With my coaching, you will understand how to better communicate your needs and desires to your partner in a supportive way. In addition to sessions with me as a couple, each of you will have individual sessions with me to better understand your specific emotional triggers. This will help you both establish better communication and stop blaming behavior, ultimately helping you both rediscover what you love about one another. 

Benefits & Transformation

  • Stop dysfunctional childhood coping patterns that sabotage and ruin your relationship
  • Understand and heal any childhood triggers and traumas; for both partners for better trust and empathy
  • Stop fighting, boredom, stress, resentment, anger and disappointments
  • Stop any toxic behaviors that hurt you, your partner and the relationship
  • Use positive communication skills and choices to feel heard, safe, supported, loved and respected
  • Learn how to get your needs, requirements and desires met by your partner
  • Learn the Therapeutic break for peaceful, loving conversations and calm negotiations
  • Life Coaching to become your best self, improve overall happiness, increase energy and life balance
  • Increase your personal & relationship happiness levels with increased confidence & a positive mindset
  • Create romantic date nights that are fun, and encourage sexual fantasy play
  • Get back the affection, friendship and sexual passion you once had - while falling in love all over again!

See What My Clients Are Saying


Tony M. (61)

“After my 35-year marriage almost came to a crashing end, I needed to talk to someone outside of my family and friends. I was lucky enough to have been referred to Riana. Riana’s Couples Coaching got my wife and I through one of the most difficult times in our lives and helped me understand and deal with the feelings of guilt I had and I learned to stop all destructive and toxic behaviors that were ruining our marriage.”


Laura A. (52)

“Riana, without a doubt, saved my marriage. Thanks to her, me and my husband have a better understanding of each other than ever before. Riana taught both us how to better communicate our needs and how to express our feelings. Riana also met with both me and my husband separately to get a better understanding of us as individuals. We are still going to Riana for coaching, but our marriage is better than ever. In fact, my husband actually looks forward to going to our sessions!”

Life & Love Transformation Session