I have two best selling books currently on Amazon entitled “LOVE Beyond Your Dreams” and “LIVE Beyond Your Dreams” available in paperback or Ebook.

#1 Amazon Best Seller Rated 5 Stars
“LOVE Beyond Your Dreams” is a relationship book like no other. If you're experiencing post-traumatic shock from another lie or cheating lover, your partner has left you for another, you’re questioning whether to stay or go, or you just want to get love right the next time, learn the warning signs of risky personality types to leave behind. Know the personal changes you need to heal, regain your self esteem, reinvent yourself and have the most satisfying levels of human love. Click to learn more and purchase on Amazon.
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Part 1: How to spot an emotional manipulator or toxic person
Part 2: How to stop the cycle of dysfunctional, abusive relationships
Part 3: How to save and reinvent yourself and get on a path to healing
Part 4: How to have a healthy, loving, evolved relationship

Highly Rated Amazon Bestseller
In “LIVE Beyond Your Dreams”, I show you how to transform fear and doubt into personal power, purpose, and success. In this book, I introduce the Watch Me!™ mindset, a transformational approach to self understanding, motivation, and fulfillment. This will help you achieve emotional healing and increase self esteem, personal growth, and empowerment. You will prove to yourself that you are more than good enough and can live the life you desire and have the love you deserve. Click to learn more and purchase on Amazon.
Free Book Chapter download
You'll discover:
A breakthrough approach to easing stress, anxiety, and depression
Positive self talk for better performance, moods and a healthier mindset
A sensible, step by step process for setting and accomplishing goals
Empowering techniques for achieving balance in all your life and work areas
The essential role of spirituality in attaining personal peace and higher purpose

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