Client Testimonials for Coach Riana Milne


Global Business Coach; Lisa Sasevich

When I met Riana at my Speak-to-Sell event in May 2017, I knew immediately she was serious about her mission of helping women and men globally who have suffered with Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma. She was a psychotherapist in private practice, who saw “the bigger picture” – and although she was a Certified Life & Love Coach for Singles and Couples locally in Delray Beach, Florida, she knew her voice and message needed to be heard globally to make a bigger impact on our world. Riana “went for her dream” and signed up at the highest level of dedication – The Diamond level.

Since Coaching Riana, she was able to leave her 80-hour a week, insurance-based therapy office, to Coach full-time Single women and men, Couples, and those from the LBGT community from all over the world. She has developed two new virtual and Live Coaching courses, “Dating to Mating – Life and Love Transformation for Singles” and “Relationship Rescue” on her newly created online Life and Love Training Academy; adding to her very successful Diamond and Platinum VIP 1-on-1 programs.

Riana became a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional this year and has done over 60 podcasts teaching thousands about how to heal from past Family and Relationship Trauma that causes Emotional Triggers that Impact Adults in Life and Love. She was sought out by the CEO of BoldBraveMedia.com to do a live global radio show; and is about to launch her own Podcast, both being called “Lessons in Life & Love.” Riana has assisted her Sassy cohorts by doing mutual podcasts and sharing valuable resources she thought could help them grow their businesses too. Riana is an enthusiastic learner, a team-player, goal-oriented, and passionate about her calling to help others develop a Positive Mindset for Success in all Life areas, including Love; or as she says; “Have the Life They Desire & the Love They Deserve.” It has been a pleasure to Coach and Mentor Riana and watch her grow and accomplish so much in only one year. Sincerely, Lisa Sasevich 

Kirstein S. (40’s)

I was doing my best to heal from the ending of a 7-year toxic relationship when I first heard Riana appear as a guest on the Tracy Malone Podcast. Her expertise on the link between unhealthy adult relationships and unhealed childhood trauma struck a chord with me. I knew I had to do something different in my life to figure out why I was always choosing the wrong partners.  I enrolled in Riana’s 6-month VIP program and It has truly changed my life. Riana helped me to uncover some deep-seated emotional beliefs that I wasn’t even conscious that I had. The questions she asks and the evaluations we did month by month to uncover and heal my past was like no therapy I have ever done anywhere! By sharing her personal experiences and taking a no-nonsense approach to knowing yourself and then evaluating potential future partners, while keeping your eyes wide open in the dating process, is the key to success! Riana’s sharing of her spiritual insights and practices are also invaluable. Riana was there for me 6 days a week whenever I felt like I was backsliding or having a bad day. At one point, I didn’t think I was ready to date again due to the pain of my last relationship, but Riana was my number one cheerleader and gave me the confidence to get out there and try again. I’m happy to say I have met a wonderful man that I’ve been seeing for 2 months now.  Whenever I was triggered by my past while dating, Riana reminded me that trust comes with consistency and time and that everything was fine and to keep moving forward. The skills and knowledge I have gained through Riana’s coaching in 6 months, easily surpasses 10 years of any other kind of coaching or therapy.  She is a remarkable and beautiful woman who cares deeply about her client’s success. I recommend her to everyone I know who is struggling with finding a healthy relationship and or their life purpose. The investment is well worth the rewards and insight I now have about myself and my life! Love You! Kirstein (6-month Diamond Client) #rianarocks #bestcoachever 

Lisa S. (50's)

Riana Milne came into my life and right away I knew she was meant to be there.  Eighteen months ago, I was struggling, lost and helpless. Riana's supportive Coaching techniques led me to find myself and to make positive lifestyle changes after a difficult time in my life following a divorce. Because of her incredible insight into life issues and her ability to express direction in her books and coaching program, I gained the strength I needed to move forward and feel amazing! Today....I am stronger, happier and love myself more than I ever have.  It has been an incredible journey of setting goals, focusing on the positive, reading and centering on positive and spiritual energy. The only books you ever need to read are LIVE Beyond Your Dreams and LOVE Beyond Your Dreams by Riana Milne. There is no other App you need to have on your computer or iPad other than Riana Milne’s, My Relationship Coach! Sometimes people come into your life......I would highly recommend her Coaching program...I am now in a wonderful, emotionally healthy & evolved relationship - and knew EXACTLY what to do to attract this type of love into my life.  With Thanks and Love, Lisa (VIP 6-month Diamond Client)

Amiee B. (18)

When I first started with Riana, I was very unsure about the program let alone talking to someone across the country about my feelings and personal goals. However, I gave it a chance and as soon as I began fully diving into the book work and interacting with Riana, I began to see the progress being made. In my case, I was fresh out of high school and starting my first semester of college. When college began, I focused on my school-work and kept to myself. I didn’t have a clue what type of career path I wanted to take and had been working at Chili’s for three years and was engulfed in the negative mindset that surrounded me. 

During Riana’s program, I quickly realized that the insecurities that held me back were pointless and only harming my potential. Being free from the burden, I began naturally branching out and enjoying the ones around me. Riana helped me explore my interests, hobbies, and career ideas to set me on a path towards a goal. I decided on the idea of architecture and interior design because it allowed structure but also gave way to my creative side. From Riana's advice, I quit Chili’s as a Hostess and interviewed then got hired for a large, well-known home decor store, which was more in line with the direction I was headed. The environment was refreshing and positive, which in return helped turn around my negative mindset.

Within my first month, I met a customer that ran a business with her husband flipping houses for a living. I loved this idea and got her business card so I could visit one of their homes. During the visit, I provided ideas that helped shape the final look of the home. I had never felt so natural at something and it was very exciting! Having this experience helped me narrow my college search down and I am enrolled in an architecture program. Riana’s Life Coaching program helped me not only discover my personal interests and goals but also encouraged me to dream big and shoot for the stars because with the right mindset, as I learned, nothing can hold you back! This program Changed My Life! Love, Amiee (6-month Diamond Client)

Linda B. (50s – Amiee’s Mom who enrolled her at the Diamond level)

Riana worked with my daughter and completely turned her life around. She has gained tools to help her gain and maintain insight into her motivation and decisions. I have watched her become more peaceful and confident as she embarks into her college and plans for her future career. It was a huge and scary financial step for me to hire Riana. I have to say she far exceeded my expectations!! I wholeheartedly recommend Riana, she is highly professional, caring and insightful. If you've considered hiring a life coach, she is awesome, just do it, you won't regret it! June 25, 2019

 Dan (27)


I started to work with Riana in 2016. When I first met with her I was in a very low place in my life. I was coming out of a bad relationship, I was in a new relationship I wasn’t happy with, I wasn’t happy with my job and I was filled with anxiety and depression. I had met with therapists and psychiatrists to try to deal with the depression, but nothing was working. I came out of my first meeting with Riana feeling great. She helped me take a natural approach to healing myself within, using her system. I started to meditate and take vitamins recommended by Riana and my anxiety and depression started to get better. She inspired me to believe in myself and gave me a lot of great career advice. Since meeting with Riana, I have started my own business, I know what to look for in a good partner and my entire outlook on life changed. I would have to credit Riana with turning my life around and helping me achieve my true potential! (VIP 6-month Diamond Client)

Lia (33)


I loved The Dating to Mating - Life & Love Transformation Program for Singles! The program so far has helped me understand that many of my previous dating mistakes were due to my past. I’m so grateful to have found Riana, the course focuses on you and your development. The modules are well organized, you start by fixing the root of your problems. Truly transforming yourself. Every time I wasn’t feeling well - I would do the homework that was assigned; and it turned around my day. I’m enjoying this course so much and can’t wait to graduate. The group support is fantastic and wished I would have invested years ago on this course! Love, Lia (Online Singles Student)

Nicole (53)

Thank you for this Dating to Mating course. Seeing the connection of my past to things I currently do now and how of those things are subconscious and making them conscious so I can change them is really valuable. I was not good at identifying actual vs perceived ‘red flags’ and sometimes I was quick to dismiss someone without really giving him a fair shot. I realize I do have high standards and feel confident in my requirements now and going after what I want. I have also developed stronger physical and emotional boundaries. In the past, I would fall very quickly in “lust” and have high expectations for an instant relationship. I now look at the dating process more as becoming friends first, and the right man will step up to be in a relationship with me.

I feel the live calls were the most important part of the Group program; to hear the questions by others and the answers, and how they relate to your own experiences. This group interaction gives you a comparison with others and the ability to talk about your specific concerns. I have many changes upcoming in my life and I look forward to 2020 and all that is has to bring. I have a more positive outlook and less fear about these upcoming changes. I greatly appreciate all of Riana's fantastic advice and words of wisdom. She is a kind, caring person who really wants the best for everyone, and is in tune with the needs of each person. I am grateful to meet you and have this experience. Best wishes, Nicole

Erin L. (30s)

I came across Riana online and was intrigued by her professional expertise and blog where she started her journey in helping people. I was really touched by what I read and decided to give her a try.  I hadn’t really felt a connection between a few other Coaches I have been to. Instantly, when I sat down and met with Riana, I knew that I had found my Coach!  Coaching led me to gain my confidence back, getting to a point of happiness and self-worth again. Through my work with Riana, and the worksheets and her two books I read; it was an eye-opener and I was lucky to escape the biggest mistake of my life - that of a marriage to the wrong person.

I am now in the most fantastic, healthiest relationship of my life! I cannot thank Riana enough for being such an amazing coach, person and mentor. She is sweet and caring and provides great advice and asks questions that need to be asked and also guides you with answers you may not want to hear or be ready for. I have enjoyed opening up to her and becoming a better person for it and I am forever thankful.  She’s an amazing woman and an inspiration!  I encourage anyone who is in need of help with themselves, or a relationship, to give her program a try - and you won't be sorry! Thank you so much Riana! (6-month VIP Diamond Client)

Olya C (30s)

I am really excited to be able to write a testimonial about my journey. I hope my journey will give you hope and inspiration to believe again that happiness, wholeness, balance and peace are possible. I heard Riana on a podcast only 6 months ago. It’s really hard to believe it now, but back then I felt depressed, sad, cornered, hopeless, lost, victimized and unhappy. After 10 years of marriage and lots of determination of making it work, it was really hard to feel at peace that all my attempts to save the relationship failed. I could only see black and no light that could come out of the situation.
When I heard Riana, I immediately connected to her message about childhood trauma. I realized that it was the missing link that no one talks about. All of us are innocent and are doing the best we can but only the ones that want to break the cycle, will do it. After our consultation, I knew Riana “got me.” I decided to purchase the VIP Diamond 6-month program so that I could work one on one with her to get the clarity and help that I needed. NO REGRETS THERE AT ALL!!!

Riana helped me to get out of victim mode, to be able to see the positive that comes out of all 'negative', she helped me to believe in a higher Spirit again, she inspired me to be my true best self. In the last 6 months I was able to become best friends with my ex-husband, the father of our child. We are now capable of co-parenting our son, seeing eye to eye, which means NO childhood trauma even after divorce for the little one. All divorce arrangements were handled with grace and kindness. I regained my focus on my career - that of helping people be the healthiest version of themselves. And I started dating again, truly enjoying the process of choosing my next relationship since now I know exactly what kind of partner will bring out the best in me and will be the best for my values, lifestyle and vision. And most importantly I live in the present moment, truly enjoying the process of life with its normal ups and downs which no longer shake me.

 I can't thank Riana enough. She is passionate about helping people, she truly cares. The education in her course is top notch! You will need to read hundreds of books and spend thousands of hours researching various subjects. Who has time for that? Riana did! Her books are my bible. I read them over and over again and learn something new each time. Even though my course is almost completed, I will carry Riana close to my heart always and I know she will not stop supporting us. Her podcasts, master classes, books and articles are inspirational, educational and come from her heart. If you have any questions for me, I will be happy to chat with you. Thank you, Riana! With Love, Olya (VIP Diamond Client)

 Update 1/2020: Olya is happily engaged and living in a beautiful ocean-front home. She and her fiancé are expecting a baby girl in a few months. She is extremely grateful and happy!

Veronica T. (56)

I was the classic successful woman in most areas of her life except love and relationship.  Riana Milne’s Dating to Mating Program has changed the way I look at my life and relationships in a profound way.  I identified the childhood traumas in my life, and the self-sabotaging habits that have come from those traumas.  I now understand why I have been unconsciously attracted to inappropriate and sometimes toxic men.  I have identified the traits I would like to have in my ideal partner and which of those must be present.  I have learned to recognize the red flags that indicate a potentially toxic man and to absolutely walk away.  I have gotten in good habits of regular meditation and goal setting and have become more content with being single.  I have made a commitment to myself that before I have sex with someone, we will date for at least 90 days and have a mutual exclusive agreement.  And through the course Riana has continually helped me brainstorm on ideas for how to meet men and encouraged me to date as much as possible.  She also helped me to write a fabulous online profile and have the kind of pictures that help me to stand out as the amazing woman that I am.  Dating has helped me recognize signs of childhood trauma in men by asking simple and friendly questions about their life.   And I always keep in mind the traits I want in a partner and whether enough are present, no matter how much chemistry there is. I’m now confident I have the skills to find the man of my dreams that I will be happy with for a long, long time. (3-mth Platinum Student)

Krystal B. (40s)

Riana has been amazing in helping me understand how and why an individual is toxic from relationship to relationship.  Her book, Love Beyond Your Dreams, is a MUST read. I'm stronger because of her coaching and I know she was the coach for me.  An online search led me to her. I called a few offices but kept searching when it just didn't feel right.  When I called Riana, she took the time to listen and get to the heart of the matter on our very first call. At the time, that helped like you wouldn't believe. Everyone needs support at some time. Her compassion came right through. Her methods of coaching work! (VIP Diamond Client)

Christina S. (20s)

I had never experienced a coaching program and since doing the Life & Love Transformation Coaching Program with Riana, I have totally turned    mylife around. I am now extremely focused and doing very well in both work and school and have detached myself from toxic relationships because Iknow what signs to look for so that it doesn't happen again. Riana and this program has helped me see life and relationships for more than what they seem on the surface; making me now open to meeting new people and with the new-found confidence and self esteem I needed to be out dating and enjoy the process. (VIP Platinum Client)

Shea (43)

When I first started working with Riana, I was a mess!  I had just left my husband, was living in an apartment, and was in another toxic relationship. I didn't know what to do.  I felt like I was broken because I kept choosing such terrible men.  Riana helped me through a very difficult transition: divorce, break-up, buying a house, learning
to be a single mom and co-parent.  I now live in a beautiful house which I love and am out of that toxic marriage and relationship.  I am single at the moment, but I feel like I am on my way to a healthy relationship.  I am content with myself and my friendships/support network have improved tremendously.  Riana never judged me or made me feel bad about myself.  She met me where I was and helped me get to where I wanted to be.  I feel like my next relationship will be amazing because I now have the tools to see red flags and to make
better choices. Thanks so much, Riana! Love, Shea (now in a wonderful 1-year relationship!)

Scott T. (40’s)

Riana came into my life by happenstance.  I met through a close friend of mine, a producer that was doing a new reality series called “Radical Dating”. “Radical Dating” is a show about dating in your 40’s.  After being cast on the show, I was introduced to my life/relationship coach. Enter Ms. Riana Milne. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I have not been on a reality show before, let alone has any kind of coach.  And truth be told, I didn’t think I needed one, as I was doing just fine on my own. Well let me tell you how wrong I was. After three months of filming, I am a different person than I was when I started the show.  I owe my positive changes to Riana.

Small back story…I am a gay man in my 40’s.  I was in a relationship for over 6 years and then my partner passed away in an accident.  That was 6 years ago.  I have dated one person (3 months) in the last 6 years and that did not turn end very well.  Suffice it to say, I had a few issues that I needed to deal with if I was ever going to be able to have a healthy long-lasting relationship with anyone. I had a fear of abandonment (childhood / mother issues), did not trust, made humor a mechanism of dealing with any issue, was a negative person, was not happy and the list goes on. I needed not only a personality adjustment, but I needed a wakeup call.

Through this “Radical Dating” program and with the help of Riana, I overcame all my obstacles. Riana is the most wonderful coach anyone could ever have in their life.  She opened my eyes to a lot of things. She made me aware of issues I needed to overcome, brought more spirituality into my life and brought me to a place where I am truly happy with myself and my life.  She provides a wealth of encouragement, motivation and strength.

I will say this in conclusion…No one, and I mean NO ONE, can help you if you are not willing to help yourself. But if you are willing to help yourself and get over those obstacles, then Riana is exactly who you need to “be in your corner”.  She will pick you up, dust you off and help push you in the direction you need to go. I will say that if it was not for Riana, I would still just be going through the motions in this life of mine.  She helped me realize I have a purpose and a strength that I did not even know I had. 

Thank you, Riana for everything you have done for me! I love and adore you and I am glad to know that you are always a phone call away! (VIP Diamond Client)

Tony M. (60s)

After a 35-year marriage came almost to a crashing end, I needed to talk to someone outside of my family and friends. I was lucky enough to have been referred to Riana at Therapy by the Sea. Riana’s Relationship Coaching got my wife & I through one of the most difficult times in our life and help me understand and deal with the feelings of guilt I had as I learned to stop all destructive, toxic behaviors that ruined our marriage. We are happier and better than ever; and look forward to our future together! I cannot thank Riana enough for saving our marriage, transforming my life in every way; and encouraging my wife to give US another chance. I would recommend anyone with relationship issues to contact Riana!  (3-month Platinum Client)

Lisa R  (34)

Dear Riana – I couldn’t be happire that God connected us in Life! You are truly an inspirational, smart, motivated and loving woman. Yout energy and openess to life and love are contagious! You have opened my eyes and soul to new possiblities and have taught me so many new skills I never evere used to think about before I met you.

Your Coaching is very unique, and so much ore poweful and focused than standard therapy. I absolutely LOVED the Workbook and worksheets as I always have something to refer back to when I need to remind myself of my goals and non-negotiables. I look to you as my Coach, but also like a friend too. I hope to continue to share my life updates with you so you can see my progress and how far I’ve come. I love that I am more spiritual because of the time I spent with you. You inspired me to think “outside of the box” and my comfort zone…I now listen to Joel Osteen on my morning drive to work!

I wish you all the best in Life and Love! I hope you continue to thrive in your Coaching business (which I know you will!) Thank you for Being the BEST! Love, Lisa (VIP Diamond Client)

Tiffany C. (20s) - Riana is a truly genuine soul who has taught me to see life in a new light. Through coaching, listening, sharing and reading I have learned a new appreciation for not only what I have, but also the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead! Riana has many gifts, but her passion of helping people has touched me personally and changed my life forever.

(3-month Platinum Client) 

    Monika – (73) Online Singles Student

I find the Monday night Zoom, Dating-to-Mating Singles Coaching meetings that I am currently in, very interesting and informative with Riana. I really admire her commitment, compassion and love for people and how she wants her clients to be happy and in successful relationships. 

(I would have loved to have had a Mother like her. Her two daughters are so lucky!). It will be interesting to see the outcome, since intimate relationships with men had been my least successful events in my life - even though I have learned a lot from the three marriages I had over the years.  Being in relationships with the three men that I was married to has prepared me for this next relationship that is coming my way - that I know, as well as, this amazing course! Hugs, Monika (Online Singles Student)

Karishma (30s)

A few months ago, I was struggling in my love life. I wanted to have an emotionally healthy and happy marriage but had no idea how to find a partner. I was scared, timid and lacked the confidence of even talking to men, let alone looking for one for marriage. I also had a lot of unhealed wounds and past trauma. But then I met Riana online through a relationship summit. She gave me hope and inspiration that my rough past doesn't have to affect my present and future. With the help of her Group coaching program, I have healed my past, improved my confidence and self-esteem and looking forward to a bright future with a partner. Now I am a different person then what I was a few months ago. Riana is a real person and I would definitely recommend her coaching program to anyone who wants a conscious healthy relationship. (Online Single’s Student)

Katie D. (mid 30s)

I started Riana’s course about 3 months ago and at the time I was feeling stressed about my work and a little afraid to look for a new relationship even though I so desire that, because of several failed relationships. I lost my dad when I was 19 years old and I never realized how such an emotional childhood trauma can affect a person in their adult life. After having completed Riana’s course and read her books I feel I have a much deeper understanding of myself and above all, I feel like I have found self-compassion! Self-compassion and self-love was something I really needed to find and thanks to Riana I feel a lot of love towards myself which is wonderful. Riana helped me to understand why some of my previous relationships didn’t work and to pin-point the qualities I need to find in my soulmate as well as the deal breakers. I feel that I am at a stage now where I have finally released the past and I feel more relaxed and open to dating. And I always remember what Riana said, that “You have to be a successful Single first" and I agree with this theory. I also really like the meditation structure Riana suggests because it helps me to visualize all the things I wish for on a daily basis which I think is essential to creating my life. I really liked Riana’s encouragement to be open, friendly and enjoy dating and how to be honest when I don’t feel a man is the right fit. Since childhood, I never knew how to let a man know I didn’t feel he was a right fit and this lesson is a huge relief for me. Riana’s teachings are invaluable! Love, Katie (3-month VIP Platinum client)

Karen J. (40s) 

Almost six years ago, I felt my world spiraling out of control.  I did not think highly of myself. In fact, I thought I was not good enough, not worth anything, and people/life would be better without me. Looking back, I can say I didn’t know how to love myself.  When I was 14, I lost my dad. Then, at 28, I lost my sister. At 35, I lost my mom.  All the people I loved - “left” me.  People would comment how strong I was and would praise me. In reality, it was a facade as I never really learned how to deal with all the loss.  If that wasn’t enough, I had a few not so good relationships.  Everything in my life just kept whirling around in my head and then it would turn into anger and rage

After extensive research and reading many biographies, I came across Riana Milne’s website. Something about her website intrigued me and I was impressed with her background, schooling, experience, and resume.  I reached out to Riana through email, and within 24 hours, she responded. We spoke on the phone and a meeting was scheduled. My first meeting with Riana, I felt very comfortable and safe. She welcomed me in, and we started to discuss the list of my issues one by one.

Riana asked questions, offered advice, and coached me how to open my eyes to view situations from a different aspect.  Sure, there were many times I didn’t necessarily like hearing the advice Riana had to offer, but I listened. After our coaching session(s) I would think about her advice, and the next session I would say, ‘you were right.’  But that’s what good Coaches do.

Through the last six years, working with Riana in our Coaching sessions, I have found her to be hard-working, honest, reliable, and respectful.  Riana is unique from all other Life Coaches who I have seen.  What makes Riana unique?  She uses an approach to focus on purpose, desire, and goals. Riana also provides a wealth of encouragement and motivation. Life will always throw curve balls or obstacles in your path.

To know I have my Life Coach, Riana Milne, in my corner is like having a security blanket.  Riana was and is an essential part of helping me heal, accept, and love myself.  Even though Riana is now in Florida, I know she is always there for me as she is a very caring person.  I know all I need to do is call and she will find a time that works for both of us to have a coaching session.  I highly recommend Riana for anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life.  Thank you, Riana.  xo  Kar, (NJ) (6-month Client)